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October 26, 2007 at Northeastern Illinois University

Polish-American 10th Annual Heritage Celebration

The Council of Educators in Polonia and the Northeastern Illinois University Office of Alumni Affairs organized the Polish-American 10th Annual Heritage Celebration, which took place at Northeastern Illinois University. This year marks also five years that the celebration has included an awards ceremony to acknowledge recipients of future teachers scholarships as well as individuals who have made significant contributions to the Polish-American community and to Northeastern Illinois University.

This year, the following remarkable individuals have been honored.

Special Award: Lidia Filus, Professor of Mathematics, Northeastern Illinois University
Community Service Award: Maria Ciesla, President, Polish Museum of America
Educator of the Year: Geraldine Balut Coleman, Mathematics Instructor, Loyola Academy Jesuit College Preparatory High School
Alumni in Education: Lucja Mirowska-Kopec, Principal, Arthur E. Canty Elementary School

Polonia Ensemble performed two dances: Oberek and Suite from Region of Warmia.

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