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The repertoire of "Polonia" comprises Polish national dances as well anumerous dances  and folk songs from different regions of Poland. The young dancers, first and second generation Americans of Polish decent, are proud to present authentic, energetic and interesting performances and give audiences the true essence of Polish music, dance, folkgames and customs. "Polonia" ensemble has twelve complete suites of dance choreographed by Celina Roznowska (former organizer and for 30 years the director and choreographer of folk song and dance ensemble "Warmia" in Olsztyn, Poland). All dance suites are choreographed for 6 to 18 couples, each in unique, handmade and colorful costumes.

Suita Warminska
Suita Kaszubska
Nowy Sacz
Suita Lubelska
Suita Rzeszowska
Suita Warszawska
Rock 'N' Roll
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